About Elsa Cross

"If you’ve followed the Austin Music Minute for awhile now, you’re well aware of your AMM host’s proclivity toward music with a dark heart, something that deftly crawls under your skin and won’t let go. AMM fave Elsa Cross is one such artiste, who turns her keen observations into heart-piercing Americana/roots-rock revealing the inner turmoil behind the outwardly badass troubadour."

– Austin Music Minute, Kutx98.9

“Elsa Cross plays David Lynch’s kind of rockabilly.”

– Austin American-Statesman

“Imagine the darkest of scenarios enveloping you in eerily beautiful tones, as though Johnny Cash or perhaps Tom Waits had a sister.”

– Laurie Gallardo, KUTX 98.9 Austin

“Elsa Cross should have been touring with Johnny Cash in his American recording days.”

– Performer Magazine

“There is a controlled ferocity to her tone and lyrics, even in the music’s softest moments, and the songs would seem equally appropriate if performed on a horse ranch or in a Hell’s Kitchen lounge.”

– The Wire

“Eddie Spaghetti and The Reverend Horton Heat would both fall in love with this woman.”

– Spotlight Magazine

Elsa was born in Strong, Maine, and currently  lives in Austin, Texas.

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